Gerardo Molina

"Only with discipline and consistent practice will you achieve what you want in life. This is my passion and every day I am achieving it.”  - Gerardo MolinaNEARSHORE AMERICAS July 2011 interview 


"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music."  -  ALBERT EINSTEIN 


"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable."  -  L. V. BEETHOVEN 

Welcome to my site

It is my honor and great pleasure sharing you my artistic experience and live music.

I wish you to have good time visiting my place.


Gerardo Molina


24.03.2019 15:53


Good to see you Luis! Saw your article in the Grimsby Lincoln News in February. Your piano playing is impressive and beautiful!

30.05.2018 16:16

Mary Ellen Balaski

Gerardo , can you tell me the church address where you and your wife play. Will you be playing this up coming weekend?

30.05.2018 16:12

Mary Ellen Balaski

Hi Gerardo, my husband and I saw you and your wife play at the Niagara Falls liabrary and want to to hear you again . You both play at the United Church in Smithville. Can you tell me the address.

16.04.2018 18:43

Elisabeth Teunis

Gerardo, we came on Sunday to listen to your beautiful concert you played together with your wife. It was the highlight of my week.

22.07.2017 13:48

Marcela Lagunas

Felicidades Luis Gerardo Molina, tu sitio Web me mostró algunos de tus hermosos conciertos que has dado, me gusta mucho tu música, tu destreza en el piano es única.