Gerardo Molina, concert pianist and computer systems engineer was born in Puebla city, Mexico. He completed Basic education and high school at “Centro Escolar Niños Héroes de Chapultepec” school graduating in 1988. With the support of the Jenkins Scholarship he accomplished his Bachelor´s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of the Americas, Puebla in 1993. Subsequently, at the same institution he completed part of his studies of Bachelor of Music until 2015, in the piano studios of Dr. Daniel Rodriguez and Dr. Misa Ito. In 2018 he completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada at Dr Karin Di Bella´s piano studio. In 2020 he graduated from Master´s Degree in Musical Literature and Performance from Western University in London Ontario, at piano studio of Dr. Leslie Kinton, one of the most recognized pianists in Canada for his long concert career.

Gerardo Molina began at the age of 6 studying piano with his Father continuing for 9 years with Yolanda Castro at the "Ránsoli" Academy in Puebla. Later on, he took private and master classes with different musical personalities such as: Ana Maria Tradatti, Gustavo Rivero Weber, Oscar Tarragó, Bernard Flavigny, Jorge Federico Osorio, Faritza Tchivirova, and others.

Gerardo Molina's career as a pianist spans various competitions and festivals worldwide in France, the United States, Germany, Poland, Russia, Mexico, and Canada. After 3rd place in the National Piano Competition of the University of Veracruz in 1996, he entered international competitions between 2003 and 2005 as the International Piano Competition of the A.M.S.A. (American Music Scholarship Association) in Washington, D.C. winning 3rd place, Boston International Piano Competition, 2nd place and the Sorbonne International Piano Competition in Paris, France, where unanimously he won three first prizes: from the competition, from the international press and from the audience. Since 2004, Gerardo Molina has been invited to different stages of great relevance such as: 2004 Austrian Embassy in Washington DC 2006 Musical Instruments Museum in Berlin, Germany Richeleu Hall of the Museum of the Invalides in Paris, France 2008 Radio France in Paris, France 2009 Regional Conservatory of Nice, France 2014 Chamber Concert Hall of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Gaisteg Festival Blackerby Hall Concert in Houston TX Royal School Of Music in Mc Allen, TX, concert and master class International Festival "Asian-Pacific" of Krasnoyarks, Russia 2015 Tour across Poland in Warsaw, Poniatowa, Lublin and Zakopane. 2018 Kerns Hall of First Ontario Performance Center in St Catharines, ON, Canada 2019 von Kuster Hall of the Don Wright Faculty of Music of Western University in London. ON, Canada In 2012,

Gerardo Molina was invited to perform a concert recorded by the Mexican TV Cultural Channel 22 at the "Carlos Chavez" Concert Hall of the National Arts Center by invitation of Maestro Fernando Lozano. This concert was broadcasted nationally for an edition of "Camerata 22" program. As soloist he has performed with the Coyoacán Symphony Orchestra from Mexico City, Michoacán Symphony Orchestra, Zapopan Youth Orchestra from Jalisco, Normalista Symphony Orchestra from Puebla City, Puebla Autonomous University Symphony Orchestra, Puebla State Symphony Orchestra, Paris Republican Guard Symphony Orchestra and the "Peninsula" Symphony Orchestra of the province of Ontario, Canada. In 2013, he toured with the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Puebla, conducted by Maestro Fernando Lozano, performing in Pachuca, Querétaro, Puebla and Guanajuato as part of the Cervantino Festival XXXXV Edition.